Formed in June of 2007, and now in our 12th year, the Almost Home Pet Foundation has
accomplished a considerable amount for pets in and surrounding the Rhea County
area.  More than 6,105 owned & rescued animals have been sterilized by our local
veterinarian clinics

We continue our efforts by working towards two main goals that include;
  • controlling the unwanted pet population through spaying & neutering and

  • finding homes for the many unwanted animals in our area through partnerships with
    other adoption organizations in our area.

Almost Home Pet Foundation partners with other local and regional rescue groups in
order to "rehome" displaced dogs and a few cats.  Those pets have their veterinarian
needs met prior to finding their new homes.

Our group gladly and thankfully accepts donations throughout the year to ensure that all
pets get the spay and neuter services they need to be great family pets and live long
healthy lives.
About Us
We are working towards the day when: every pet born will be wanted. Every pet owner will be a responsible one. Every community will understand
that responsible pet ownership positively impacts and reflects its economy, safety and overall quality of life.