Despite being a young organization with relatively few members, we have accomplished
a considerable amount since June of 2007. We continue our efforts by working towards
two main goals that include; controlling the unwanted pet population through spaying &
neutering and to find homes for the many unwanted animals in our area through
partnerships with other adoption organizations in our area.

More than 4,861 owned & rescued animals have been sterilized by our local
veterinarians at both the Animal Hospital & South Rhea Animal Hospital and Wally's
Friends, a low-cost spay/neuter clinic in Chattanooga, TN.

Partner organizations are always in need of foster homes.  Foster families currently care
for from one dog to 20. Foster care goals include temperament evaluation, socialization
with other animals and basic skills, including crate training, house training and leash
walking. Almost Home provides heartworm, flea & tick preventive and other veterinary
care as needed. Foster families generously provide all food and transportation as well
as their time.

In 2008, AHPF began a partnership with the Atlanta Humane Society that allows us to
transfer unwanted puppies and, occasionally, kittens from our rural area to their care.
While at AHS, the puppies receive full medical care and the chance to be adopted into
great, responsible homes.
About Us
We are working towards the day when: every pet born will be wanted. Every pet owner will be a responsible one. Every community will understand
that responsible pet ownership positively impacts and reflects its economy, safety and overall quality of life.