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Happy Endings
accidents the first few weeks, potty training progressed nicely. Whoever crate trained her did a
for an hour or so.

The eye surgery was completely successful.  Daisy didn't seem to mind it very much, although
she was glad to get the "lampshade" off after a week -- it really interfered with her playing.  She
is doing much better with walking on a leash around the neighborhood.  She is still wary of cars
but doesn't panic as when we first got her.  She definitely enjoys visits to the park where she can
run a bit and might meet other dogs and kids.  So far, she has been absolutely perfect around
kids and dogs.  She makes excited little noises but rarely barks (although she does have a big
bark when she chooses to use it).

I'm attaching a picture of Daisy on one of the many beds that Linda has bought her (she has a
bed in every room except the bathroom).  As you can see, she is healthy and (we hope) happy.  
We're not sure about how she will like her first New England winter; Linda's been shopping for
dog sweaters.

Thanks for checking in with us.  Don't hesitate to use us as a reference for folks who are
considering adoption through Almost Home. We've had a wonderful experience and just love our
new little girl.


Linda and Ed
endings and we will try to post them too!

Mac is a big, lovable 70 lb puppy, with the coldest wettest big nose that I have ever encountered. I know
this because he pokes me with it when I try to sleep. He is told that he is handsome everywhere we go,
and that is an under-statement. We have loved him from the moment we laid eyes on his picture, and we
are lucky to have him. He has made us laugh on a daily basis.


Sorry for the delay in getting back-We've been trying to gather a few
pictures.  The transition for Milo is going wonderful.  We are so very happy
with him.  He's a very smart guy and is learning lots of new things.  Please
tell Mallory that she did an awesome job teaching him to enjoy children! He
does especially like to hang out with my youngest daughter. I enclosed a
few pictures of that.  He also has been very busy hiking in the woods.  Our
closest neighbor has a horse farm and lots of trails in the woods behind the
farm.  We enclosed a few pic of us on the hike.  He is still shy around other
dogs, but in a very calm manner.  We practice meeting other dogs in a
small town by us called Old Deerfield.  It's a great community walk.  Also I
forgot to mention in my last email that he has done great with our cat
Sassy.  She is definitely the boss and he's fine with that.  There is a picture
of them deciding who will be sitting in the chair. He also like to sit by the
front door and watch the birds outside. I can thank the foster family enough
for giving us such a loving, gentle , and well mannered friend!

With much appreciation,
The D Family

P.S. He loves riding in the car too!
Ava aka Bellatrix aka Bella

Hi Angie,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you!  Crazy Holiday Season!  Hope yours was nice.

We did change Ava's name to "Bella" (short for "Bellatrix", a character from the Harry Potter
Books/Movies), and she responds to it well.  She has fit in really nicely at our home, and our almost
6 year old cat has been more tolerant of her than I thought (Bella is a bit intimidated by the cat, so
she doesn't get TOO close, yet).  She went to the vet for the first time last week and she is nice and

My whole family really loves her, and she gets most excited to see my kids.  We have had lots of
cold, snowy weather, so she hasn't spent that much time outside, but she loves the snow when she
does go out!

I am sending you a picture of her that I took on Christmas Day (red collar and all!), and I want to
thank you again for all of your help in adopting her.  She is a special little dog!

Happy New Year to you, and we'll keep in touch.