Happy Endings
Hi, Angie!  We literally just came inside after having Sled outside in the snow and I saw the email from the
Foundation.  We got about 6 inches of snow last night and could not wait to get Sled outside to play in it.   Let me
playing out there.   He is obviously in his element here in CT.  He is so happy here and the whole family just loves
him.  Thanks again for selecting our family for his forever home.


Sierra did great last night. She got in about 9pm off the transport. We brought her to
the car to show our daughter and Sierra climbed right in and began to give kisses.
She then hopped on the seat for the ride home. At home she sniffed around and
then settled down on my Mom's lap to go to sleep. She slept thru the night. She's
session in the snow..

Hugger is doing fantastic, we just love her so much.  My kids adore her and everywhere we go with her, someone tells
me how beautiful she is and asks what breed she is.  We just went away on vacation last week and we couldn't take
pets where we were going and each one of us couldn't wait to get home to see her.

I tell everyone that asks me about Hugger about Almost Home Pet Foundation and hope you have lots of success.

Attached are a couple pictures that we have of her.

Take care,

Hi Angie,

I just had to send these new photos to you.  My daughter took a photography class in school last year and
now is our 'in house photographer'.  I'm glad she enjoys it because she's captured some great shots.  I
wanted to share these with you too. They're too cute.

As you will see, Daisy is warming up to Sasha, getting a little closer each day.  I think she really misses
our last dog, since she actually became physically sick for days after she died.  She's starting to play a
little with Sasha now, but mostly she likes being with her.
I thought you might like to see these too.  I won't keep bugging you with emails and photos, but will send
some in a couple of months as she's growing and also let you know how she's doing.

I hope all is well
with you.

God bless,
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