Happy Endings
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More of our happy endings
Hi Jamie
of foliage in front of our house.
This is her "spot" where she sits at like a sentinel and
watches the world go by and guards the house.

I thought this came out so nice that I'd pass it along.

Hope all is well with you and with Almost Home.  We love
Maley and are so grateful to you and your group.

- Julie, Dave and Maley
Thank you for not forgetting about us!!!

Hopefully you - and all of the pups - enjoyed Christmas.  We certainly enjoyed the time off!

The change in address means a HUGE backyard for Lulu to romp around in - plus - Lulu has a new best friend,
Kalli, a rescue pointer mix who we adopted this summer.  Kalli and Lulu are bestest buds - and find much
mischief in the backyard and inside.  They have grown so close to each other and I know Andy and I couldn't
do without them!  :-)

I attached a couple of pictures of Lulu - her famous "stoic face" and her with one of her toys.

Again, thank you for thinking of us.  And all of our best wishes to you and Almost Home in 2010!

Andy and Mary-Katherine